if it hurts, its real

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Giuliana. I am a wreck trying to live happily. Appreciate your life.

So many things to say about this relationship. We could start from the top, talking about how we met at the very start of summer bc u were my friends friend and I wanted a cigarette, just that day I had left mine at my house what a coincidence. Or we could go from the day exactly a month ago tmrw, when I went outside bawling my eyes out and told you I couldn’t be with you anymore, because I had to put myself first, and you treated me like I was basically worhtless. It’s impossible to just try to skip the nine months in between, they meant so much to me. So much happened, we broke up, got back together, we argued, we screamed, we made love, we fell in love, we lost ourselves in eachothers eyes.how did we end up at the end, when did u get so blinded by madness and selfishness. When did u start treating someone you loved, like they were worthless. When and most importantly, why did u cross the line and killed our love.